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Experimental sources of heat energy

dsdad.jpg The purpose of the project: the construction of a new generation energy bock using new non-radioactive and ecological fuel – multi-component metallic powder (metallic fuel) to be mounted on thermal electric power stations. Such energy blocks allow producing process steam of required characteristics for operating turbo electric generators with the total capacity up to 10 billion kWt per year. The energy block shall ensure the uninterrupted operation of electric power station during 28 years with a single loading of 120 tons of new fuel.
Deep vacuum allows obtaining more concentrated and larger energy as compared to nuclear energy.

The project investments: the execution of the program shall require USD 280,0 million including credits of USD 180,0 million. The credit can be repaid after 4 years of operation at the cost of net profit.


sdsd.jpg Wind-driven electric power plants

Wind-driven electric power stations WinWind with the capacity up to 3 MWt manufactured in Finland (warranty period 20 years, max. capacity at the wind speed of  12,5 m/min, production of electric power begins at  2,3 m/min).

The electric power produced by these stations can be used both in the domestic market and for export without additional appliances.

The cost of one station with the capacity of 3 MWt is euro 1,5 million. Initial volume of financing  – beginning with 100 stations (euro 150 million).

ds.jpg Inserted energy complexes

Inserted energy complexes stabilize the electric power produced by nuclear, hydro and thermal electric power stations with the purpose of further exporting to European countries. Initial volume of financing -  USD 350 million.

dzd.jpg Bio-fuel thermal stations
Manufacturing and implementing bio-fuel thermal electric stations using particularly turf of Ukrainian origin. The turf was analyzed in the University ofOulu (Finland) and positive results were obtained. The turf pits, from which the raw materials for the analysis were taken, are situated in the territories ofZhitomir, Khmelnitsk, Volyn and Rovno regions.  The basic capacities of thermal stations can be either locally small from 1,0 to 150 MWt, or large from 150 to 1000 MWt. The complexes are supplied with turf carriers on the frame of Volvo with the carried volume up to 5 cub. m. of turf. Thermal stations can be situated within the radius up to300 km from the pits. Initial volumes of financing  – up to euro 250 million.