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Mini oil refineries network

Oil fuel is a most important source of energy and it shall doubtlessly preserve this role during the next decades. Specialists expect that by 2015 the share of oil in power consumption shall make about 40% and half a century later oil and coal shall provide for at least a half of total demand in energy.
Mini-refinery is ecological, mobile and easy in operation, it can be assembled and put in operation within 3-4 month. As compared to large old refining plants it gives a larger output of light oil products, 97% of commodity products output including 25% of stove gasoline, 35% of diesel oil and the rest 37% of fuel oil and kerosene.

Provided the enterprise shall be functioning with rated capacity (6 reactors), the profit in the amount of USD 3400000 can be received during the first months meaning that the investments shall be returned after 9 months of operation,  which is a rather high characteristic.

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