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The village of Yakovenkovo is a prospective investing district in the Crimea with existing infrastructure requiring further development. Approaches are in working order.
The distance from Kerch is 60 km., where it is planned to build a bridge between Russia and Ukraine. The protected territory on the Opuk Mountain is situated nearby. There is an approach to the sea with the possibility of building a yacht club. The general plan and the detailed project of planning the village of Yakovenkovo was elaborated long ago but it has never been realized.
A land lot with the area of 6 ha on the sea shore was allocated for the construction of a boarding house –hotel meant for 500 beds.
There exists a potential possibility of integrating the available projects, as well as direct participation in developing this object as a whole up to building runways for private airplanes.
The sea presents wonderful opportunities for diving taking into account that this area is very interesting from the point of view of archeological research. The realization of this project in conformity with European standards shall require investments in ten amount of at least of USD 250 million.

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