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Light rail

The Odessa city administration approved the project of building a light rail line elaborated in cooperation with the foundation, which presents an alternative to underground (the project awarded by the Order of European quality). This shall allow increasing the speed of passenger and cargo carriages and raising the effectiveness of all types of transport. The construction of the light rail overpass shall satisfy the demand of the city population in not-expensive and quick transport at the same time relieving the traffic in the city of Odessa and the suburbs and connecting Odessa with the cities of Yuzhny and Illyichevsk. The total length of the line shall be about 70 km. It shall enable a large number of passengers to move quickly and without difficulties in the city and suburbs. The second significant goal shall be the lowering of gas contamination in the city streets because this project is ecological.

The expected share of the overhead transport shall comprise 20-40%, which means about 200 000 passengers per 24 hours. The calculation of effectiveness of this project is based on classic approaches to planning and evaluating the effectiveness of investments as published and recommended by the World Bank and UNIDO.

As the result of the project realization the population and the municipal authorities of Odessa shall obtain the increase of traffic rate, traffic relief and new jobs.

It is planned to purchase 60 trains manufactured in the Republic of Poland including 40 trains in standard variant (max. speed 70 km/h) and 20 high speed trains (max. speed of 120 km/h). 

The total required investments for the first stage only – US dollars 340 million. The total amount of the project – up to USD 1,5 billion.

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